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Re: Seachem Flourish

>The Seachem Flourish bottle says:   "Refrigerate are opening."  I've never
>noticed this on other trace element bottles.  Is it necessary?  Why?  And if
>so, should others be refrigerated, too, even though they don't contain this

It is not necessary for the other products. Flourish contains a very 
high concentration of nutrient organics (vitamins, amino acids etc) 
and so it could support mold growth in the bottle. But it would be 
obvious, you would see it and it would smell _terrible_. 
Refrigerating it prevents this from occurring. However, on a personal 
note, I've never seen this happen with Flourish... we simply leave 
the warning on the label because there is a theoretical potential for 
this to occur. So, if it's convenient, refrigerate, otherwise, I 
wouldn't worry about it.

Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~~~~~~~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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