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Depends on the salvinia

>1.  Is salvinia the horrible pain that duckweed is and will you fight it for
>the rest of your life?
>2.  If it is not, is it something that would be welcome at the conference
>3.  Would frogbit be welcome at the auction?  I have not found it do be
>irritating due to the ease of removing something this size.

There are several species of salvinia kicking around at least one of which
is a noxious weed in the agricultural sense and is banned in a number of
states.  I have salvinia natans and frogbit and duckweed in various tanks,
and I find that salvinia and duckweed are very easy to control because of
their size. It is possible to completely eliminate salvinia in 10 minutes
simply by hauling it all out.  Both need a fair bit of light, though.  I've
cured duckweed several times, but I'm not sure how.  Helpful, huh?  I think
a combination of low nutrients and light helped.


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