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For jobs well done...

Today, an aquatic treat from Singapore arrived. I want to publicly thank Loh
Kwek Leong for the wonderful package of Christmas Moss. Thousands of miles
and a week later, it was in _superb_ condition. My killifish will be quite
happy with it! I will be making my donation to the APD Defense fund soon.

Additionally, my package from AH Supply arrived today. On time, as promised.
No surprises, nothing missing. Whooboy am I impressed with this outfit so
far. Everything I could ever need to make the 2x55W conversion is there.
Nothing left to chance with this company. Just the way I like it! <g>

It's people and companies like these that make being part of this hobby a
pleasure. Unfortunately, there are some who could learn a well needed lesson
from these people.

(who feels like it's Christmas in August!)