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MANY Kudos to AH Supply!

With all the talk lately about poor customer service and lawsuits
against people wishing to speak openly about it on the
Internet, I wanted to share a positive experience I had just today.

I LOVE it when a company shows a sincere and friendly concern for a
customer problem! 

I've had 2x55w AH Supply fixtures and ballasts running since 3-25-01
with no problems.  Then within the last couple weeks, one of the
ballasts started "acting up" and going off and on even though I hadn't
changed a thing. 

Anyway, I emailed the folks at www.ahsupply.com today about the
problem.  Would you believe that I just got an email from them,
several hours later,  telling me that a replacement ballast AND
sockets are already on the way at no charge to me? With a tracking
number to boot!

They also tried to call me at home (they are over 2000 miles away)
upon receiving my email. 

If that wasn't nice enough, they also told me to take my sweet time
sending back the old ballast to be sure the new ballast lives up to
expectations first.

Just add me to the list of people who hold this company in VERY high

Best regards,

E.W. Marshall