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Re: TMG again

At 03:48 AM 8/30/01 -0400, John Wheeler wrote:
>I was just looking at my tanks (something I often forget to do), and I 
>drifted of into thoughts of ferts and water additives, etc....The TMG was 
>handy so I thought that I'd review the directions (novel,huh?<g>) and it 
>says to add, *weekly*, a dose of 5ml/every 50 liters, right? I have been 
>dosing this stuff, incorrectly i guess, for a number of weeks now and I 
>have some questions.....It just makes more sense to me to dose daily. I 
>counted how many "drops" of my dosing dropper it took to equal 5ml. The 
>answer is 75. So....for a 110l tank (29gal) it would take ~ 150 drops/week 
>(I know. I rounded down) to meet the Tropica dosing instructions. If I 
>dose everyday, that would be 21-22 drops daily! What is the "common" 
>practice for dosing TMG, daily or weekly?

First let me comment on quantity.   I believe you should use a lot more TMG 
than the label says.   Some folks say 3-4 times the dose.  My rule of thumb 
is to work up to 1ml/gallon/week.  So my 50 gallon should use 50ml (or a 
bit less) per week.  I dose about 5-10ml daily.  I don't obsess over 
getting it PERFECT.

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