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Hello! Newbie intro...

Hi all,

I am new to this list, but glad I found it!  I currently have a 55 gallon 
tank that I am trying to keep as natural as possible while experimenting 
with sand/large gravel mixed substrate and 2 55watt (HO?) bulbs.  I had 
previously kept 2 20-gallon tanks, but combined them into the 55-gallon, in 
the hopes that I can eventually keep discus.  I currently have an Amazon 
sword (not sure exactly which type - just got it), a bunch of crypts-green, 
bronze, & red wendtii, a couple large hygrophila, one lone stalk of 
anacharis (most died off when transplanted), a few microswords, some wee 
bits of java fern (they don't like the lights at all), java moss, and some 
spiky looking grass type plants (only an inch tall) that don't seem to be 
doing well + one other odd plant that they claimed was a true aquatic at the 
pet store, but I have my doubts since I can't find a pic of it anywhere.  At 
first I battled for months with green water, but I finally resigned myself 
to every other day water changes of 5-10% and now the water is fine.  I saw 
mention of the ghost shrimp versus Amano shrimp...I've never had Amanos but 
I have been keeping ghost shrimp for almost a year now.  They do eat algae, 
how much exactly I don't know...they're first choice of food is fallen fish 
food but I see them picking at the rocks and since they're clear you can see 
what they've eaten and sometimes they are green inside, so I know they've 
eaten some algae.  With the java moss and other plants I've had some baby 
shrimp survive too, they're pretty cute when the mother has eggs in her 
swimmerettes (?) she keeps rotating them constantly then the babies hide in 
the moss until they're shell hardens.  They also shed their shells evey few 
months, which the fish end up eating if I leave it in there all day while 
I'm at work.

I was curious to know if anyone here has tried the liquid CO2 they sell 
online?  Is it as effective a CO2 injection system?  And also, curious on 
opinions of the best liquid plant fertilizer?


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