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Re: Ghost vs. Amano


At $.50, why not buy a dozen and find out;) Ghost shrimp are neat little buggers, but not quite as industrious as C. japonica. Mostly due to their size, I think. They are usefull in other ways as well as being herbivores. Most noteably cichlid fodder (almost any cichlid), but also as substitute for snails and other scavangers. 

Low maintenance, low cost, and high interest animal for our tanks.

John Wheeler
<<I'm just wondering... when I bought my Amano shrimp (at 2.99 each!) I
noticed, at the other end of the room, ghost shrimp for sale at .50 each.
Hmm... Not QUITE as pretty, but still good looking... Do they do as good
a job eating algae as Amanos?>>