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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1242

Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 15:30:34 -0400
From: "Daphne Freeman" <daphne.freeman at home_com>
Subject: Discus, Angels and the planted tank

<Finally got around to reading George Booth's article on discus in the
<PAM.  Great article George.

<As a side note, I know discus are timid and I do have MH.  There is quite a
<bit of open area as well with glosso, etc.


I wouldn't worry about it too much.
My 180gal planted tank is lit with 3-175 watt MH and is landscaped to give a
lot of open area.
My discus spend most of the day with their nose up against the glass
wondering when the nest feeding is, like any good cichlid.
If there are places where your fish can retreat to, they seem to be more at
ease, and spend more time out in the open.
Keep your water soft and the ph under 7 and the temps above 80.
They are, after all, cichlids and not as hard some folks make then out to