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Re: Dosing Flourish (was PMDD/Stalled Growth)

Somedays you just can't please Majordomo ;)

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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 07:58:34 -0400
Subject: Re: Dosing Flourish (was PMDD/Stalled Growth)
From: aj172 at juno_com

Hello all,

Tom wrote:
>I use the SeaChem Flourish line or Tropica Master Grow for traces.
>Lots easier, not to mention more consistent when comparing notes with
>others and my own mixing errors so I can focus more on the macro nutrients
>which are used in greater amounts.
Speaking of comparing notes, I've been using Flourish for about a
year now, at 2 drops per 100 liters of water, every day.  Is this
more/less than average?  How much do you add Tom?  Everyone else?  I also
add chelated iron (NaFeDTPA) about every other day, along with some boric
acid at water changes.  I initially started out at twice the recommended
dosage (Flourish) but always ended up with pea soup.  No filament/hair
algaes though, if you can believe that......


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