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Rising pH

I am forwarding a pH question on behalf of a
friend on Apistogramma mailing list.  I trust
someone on this list can figure out what is
going on with his water.



I cannot keep the pH down in my tanks! Ever
since I
started using my tap water instead of
straight RO I have been having this
problem. I can get the pH to where I want it,
but the next day it is back
really high, around 7.6 or so. I am seeing
this both my bare bottom tanks
and my one half hearted planted tank. I have
nothing in the tanks that
should be raising the pH. In my bare bottom
tanks I have a few plastic
plants, some plastic rocks, java moss, and
some clay pots. I am filtering
the water through peat (although it is old
peat, I am going to replace it
today). There is no reason the pH should be
going up, especially since it
didn't when I was using straight RO water.
Here is what the water is like
straight from the tap:

KH:9 drops (about 160 ppm)
GH:4 drops (about 80 ppm)

After treating with Ultimate (a
dechlorinator) and Seachem acid buffer:

KH:4 drops (about 70 ppm)
GH:4 drops (about 80 ppm)

Then the next day the tank is at:

KH:4 drops (about 70 ppm)
GH:4 drops (about 80 ppm)

What is going on!?!?!? Any suggestions?