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Cardinia japonica

I recently learned that I have a local source for
these. The price will make some of you cry. I am
amazed at the mark up you guys are seeing on these. I
think I heard people say they were paying two to three
dollars each? I am getting mine for fifty cents each
(which I know for a fact to be the price pet stores
pay for them). Just wanted to rub it in ;-) Now that I
can get these, I want to set up a species tank for
them (I may be crazy, but I like the little buggers as
well as fish), and hopefully breed them. I have been
entirely too successful with ghost shrimp so far, and
I was wondering if the two like similar conditions?
Any thoughts on putting the japonica in with the ghost
shrimp? (What is the scientific name of the ghost
shrimp any way?) The tank is a tad warm, will that
kill the japonica? Thanks in advance.


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