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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1231


I've been watching these posts for about a week now and thought I'd
intoroduce myself:

I have 2 tanks:
1 - 10 gallon with penguin 125 filter, fine-ish substrate (3-5 mm),  a
java fern, some java moss and some small amazon swords.
1 - 80 gallon (or is it called a 75, it's 48"x24"x18") with absolutely
nothing right now, it's been empty for 2 years and I'm reading up on
how to fill it properly and cheaply - unfortunately these two criteria
seem to be at odds on most topics.  The media I already have for it are
2 2x40 watt lighting fixtures, aqua-glo tubes, a 350 gph canister
filter, 2 biowheel 60's, fine-ish substrate (3-5 mm) with flourite, the
tetra fertilizer line (initial sticks, crypto-dunger, flora pride)flora
 and a DIY yeast reactor.

I've never had more than 2 40 watt tubes before and never used the DIY
CO2 method.  Does anyone have advice for those of us without much
liquid income?

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