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Re Aquarium Fish and Plants


The illustration in the book are very nice - I almost wish I had been able
to find 2 copies, I want to frame some of those 56 color plates. I guess
that I'll have to settle for framing color copies......Canon color
photocopiers can do amazing work these days.

I'm pretty sure that the "K. Rataj" is the same chap we associate with the
Rataj & Horeman book from T.F.H. (thank god their editors never got their
hands on this text), I just wasn't sure if there might be another.

I wonder if it would be possible to obtain permission to use some of the
illustrations on the web? Might be nice to have some of them on the AGA web
site (web master willing, of course....). Its a shame that more people can't
see botanical illustrations of this quality which focus on the plants we
grow in our tanks.

James Purchase