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Re: 150 watt substrate heater cables

Dupla have recently started selling a 'DuplaThermik' set which is a cheaper
version of its cable system meant to be used in conjunction with a
heaterstat.   Maybe they've had a rethink on hot/cold zones?

Details are on the Dupla Site:

Here in England it retails at 27.95, just a few quid more than the reptile
cable I used on my last tank.  I dont know enough to comment on the hot/cold
zones theory, but my experience with cables to date is that they do a good
job of stopping the substrate going stale, black and stinky, and seeing as I
keep mainly bottom dwelling fish I look on that as a good thing.  I'll be
setting up a 40gal  tank using one of the new cables soon and will be sure
to post my thoughts on the product.