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Rotala macranda

Our macranda: http://www.brainyday.com/jared/aquarium/discus/macranda.htm

How long have you grown Macrandra successfully? -- About 10 months.

Before you were successful, were you unsuccessful (and what changed that)?
-- It did well from the start.

What are your tank conditions:

Lighting -  384 watts/135 gal (2.8 wpg) PC lighting

Temp (F) 84 
pH - 6.9
KH (ppm) - 50 (2.8 dH)
NO3 (ppm) - about 5 (has ranged from 3-15)
Ca (ppm)- 120 (as CaCo3)
Mg (ppm)-  35 (as CaCo3)
Cl (ppm)-  ??
Fe (ppm)-  Used to keep a constant 0.1  -- now adding iron twice weekly
CO2 (ppm) - 15
K (ppm) 15 

additives/frequency (PMDD, KNO3, CaCl, CaSO4, etc...): potassium sulfate,
potassium nitrate, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, Flourish,
Flourish Trace, Flourish Iron.

Substrate/additives/cables: Now Flourite, but the macranda also did well in
previous setup with gravel + laterite.

Jared Weinberger                    jared at brainyday_com
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