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about that BGA

Thanks for the replies about my BGA problem.

Water flow shouldn't be a problem as the BGA is happily coating 
plants whose leaves are being blown by a 300 powerhead.

As for the lights - there could be something there. Two bulbs are 
quite new but the others are quite old. I confess that I don't 
replace mine until they GO OUT. I could replace the two old ones and 
see if that helps.

I can do several water changes in a row in case phosphates are too high.

I guess I'll have to break out the test kits too and see how much 
iron, nitrate etc. is there.

Oh yes ... anyone think the BGA could come from extra warm water? 
It's been hotter than usual here and with the lights and all the temp 
has risen in the tank.

Does anyone think it's possible it could be caused by wood in the 
tank? I have a couple of pieces of wood in there that weren't always. 
I know, I know ... I can take them out and see - but one has a very 
large B. heudeloti on it. Still I may take it out as I have my 

The way this is annoying me right now I feel like taking EVERY damn 
thing out, scrubbing it down and starting over. <sigh>

pulling hair in Vancouver