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co2 equipment

I found this link at the Rapids website for what I
think is a 5lb tank and taprite (?) regulator, all for
99$ plus shipping.


Of course, you will need to call to find the details. 
1-319-447-1670    If anyone calls I would love for the
information to be posted.

I have purchased a tank and regulator from Rapids in
the past.

I have used the m3 needle valve with success (but I
never used another so I can't compare).  The adapters
and fittings I have purchased at Home Depot in the
plumbing section.

As an aside:
One thing to remember when you are first adding co2 to
your tank is to wait for the temperature of the
cannister to reach room temperature before injecting. 
Otherwise that 1 bubble per second may turn into 10
bubbles per second.


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