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Re: not your regular cloudy water -- Nitrobacter

The Hovenac papers are collected at this page at Aquaria Inc (the
company that makes Marineland products).  Hovenac is an employee of the
company.  I don't think Marineland sells any bacteria cultures so I
don't see any conflict of interest.  I recall a long discussion I had
with the guy that answers mail at the Hagen web site -- he suggested
that Hovenac's affiliation with Marineland meant that he had an axe to
grind.  Hagen sells bacteria cultures ( Cycle Biological Aquarium
Supplement ) for home aquaria and insists that Hovenac is wrong about
nitrobacter and just a bad scientist to say anything different. 
According to Hagen, aquarists should add Cycle routinely to their
tanks.  No conflict of interest there, right?  ;-)

Anyhow, the site for Hovenac's et alia papers is:


At a minimum, people should stop presuming (or parroting) that
nitrobacter is the primary nitrate reducer.  The prevalence or
practicality of nitrobacter cultures in aquaria is quite possibly just
another of the great dogmas of aquaria keeping.

Scott H.

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