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Re: Lighting for a 2.5 gallon set-up

>Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 05:48:18 +0800
>From: "Christopher Ferrell" <csferrell at mail_com>
>Subject: Lighting for a 2.5 gallon set-up
>I have a 2.5 gallon setup with some wendt and balanse crypts, java fern var 
>windolev, ech. tennellus and a baby red lotus.  Any suggestions on 
>lighting?  I have used a mini might in the past but was thinking about 
>changing out the lighting since the set-up.
>I am thinking that the AH Supply 13 watt bulb is way, way overkill.  Anyone 
>have any other suggestions on some nice bulbs?  Compact Flourescent, Normal 
>Flourescent, whatever.  I would like something around 5500-6500k for the 
>color, but I realize that there might not be too many choices in this size 
>Thanks, Chris
>- --


I'm using one of the 13 watt setups on a small 2.5 gallon tank.  I get 
wonderful growth and prune may once a week or every other week.  The light 
is a little bright but the plants love it.  You just have to keep up on the 
fertilizer, CO2 and water changes.  However, you can keep a number of 
different small fish in the tank because the nutrients are being sucked up 
by the plants pretty quick.  Heck I add various Seachem products once every 
other day to ensure that the plants are keeping up with their nutrients.  
The bulbs that I purchased are the 5500K bulbs.  These do pretty good, but I 
would have liked a better color, say the 6500 lights.

Anyways, the AH Supply 13 watt bulbs do work great.

Good luck with the small tank.  If you want pictures, I can shoot some to 
whoever wants to see my setup on the APD.

Bailin Shaw
DFW Aquatic Plant Club

P.S.  Our group recently made a small donation to the defense fund.  We'd 
like to encourage other plant groups to do the same.  I've benefited greatly 
from this list and don't want to see it shut down because of one person's 

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