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Re: Lighting for a 2.5 gallon set-up

I have several 2.5 gallon tanks set up with little Lights of America brand
8 watt fixtures. The 8 watt tube is a T5 tube, and is almost exactly the
same length as the 2.5 gallon tank. I make a stand by forming two pieces of
1/2" x 1/8" aluminum flat stock so that it "snaps" into the plastic rail
around the top of the tank and holds the fixture above the tank top. On the
better units I made cheap reflectors from aluminum flashing, although I
have two 2+ year old reflectors made from aluminum foil. Of course my
reflectors are far from ideal, but they are very cheap :-)

I use the Hagen SunGlo bulb which is either a 4200 K or 5000 K, not sure
which. The tanks are only growing horn wort and java fern.

I use the AH supply 13 watt lights on 5.5 gallon tanks. Works out pretty
nicely when used with their reflector and another one of my "bill's design"
light supports. It might work OK sideways over two 2.5 gallon tanks, but it
will be super bright over a single tank.


>I have a 2.5 gallon setup with some wendt and balanse crypts, java fern var >windolev, ech. tennellus and a baby red lotus.  Any suggestions on >lighting?  I have used a mini might in the past but was thinking about >changing out the lighting since the set-up.
>I am thinking that the AH Supply 13 watt bulb is way, way overkill.  Anyone >have any other suggestions on some nice bulbs?  Compact Flourescent, Normal >Flourescent, whatever.  I would like something around 5500-6500k for the >color, but I realize that there might not be too many choices in this size >range.
>Thanks, Chris

Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator