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No Subject

Measure once, cut two or three times, right?

A few weeks ago, I built the hood for a new 20H tank
that's going in the kids' room.  Either my 25' tape
was off, my try square was a few degrees off plumb, or
I should have enjoyed a beer or three AFTER the job
was done.  After a return trip to Home Depot for more
lumber, I finally got the dadblamed thing put
together.  Now it's time for the lighting.

I have on hand a box full of bakelite incandescent
sockets left by the previous homeowner, plus some #12
copper romex and a slew of wire nuts, cable staples,
etc. left over from the GFCI outlet I installed last
summer.  Mounting the sockets inside the hood is a
cinch, using 1-1/2 inch threaded brass nipples and
locking nuts.

What I'm looking for (and not having much luck) are
Power Compact Flourescents with an acceptable Color
Temp.  So far, the only ones I have been able to find
in the local warehouse joints are the 2700 K PCF's
meant to emulate incandescent light.  That's too
yellow for my taste.

If anyone knows of a screw in PCF bulb with color
temps 4100 and higher, I'd appreciate some guidance. 
Wattage isn't necessarily important:  I have room for
as many as six bulbs in this hood, depending on size. 
A source for the bulbs would be great too.

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