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Re: No Subject

David Luckie <davidluckie at yahoo_com> wrote:
>What I'm looking for (and not having much luck) are
>Power Compact Flourescents with an acceptable Color
>Temp.  So far, the only ones I have been able to find
>in the local warehouse joints are the 2700 K PCF's
>meant to emulate incandescent light.  That's too
>yellow for my taste.
>If anyone knows of a screw in PCF bulb with color
>temps 4100 and higher, I'd appreciate some guidance. 
>Wattage isn't necessarily important:  I have room for
>as many as six bulbs in this hood, depending on size. 
>A source for the bulbs would be great too.

These are a bit expensive, but claimed to be full-spectrum 
at around 5,000K:


- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD