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Re: water hardening / wallichii follow up

>My tap water is extremely high in phosphates and
>nitrates.  Must be some farm runoff or something.  I
>can't use it without getting lots of hair algae.  I
>could invest in a ton of phosphate absorber or

Ditto.  My plants never did well in my tap water.  
Mine is high in arsenic as well (50ppm).  RO was a 
god send as well as a real problem until I got a 
handle on the chemistry.

>I've been using those calcium carbonate diet
>suppliment pills.  You're right, they don't dissolve
>very easily.  

If you aren't looking for precise application, I've found 
a handful of crushed coral in the filter does wonders.  
Keeps my GH at about 12 and my KH at about 8.  Its real 
cheap stuff.  Got a 20# bag for about $5 at the LFS, and 
I've used one hand full so far.  :)