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Rising GH and KH?!

This one has got me ready to pull my hair out.  Here's
what happened.  I usually change about 7 gallons of my
30 gallon tank about once every 2-3 weeks.  To seven
gallons of distilled water I add a small amount of
calcium carbonate and magnesium sulfate.  It seems
that the hardness tends to creep up after awhile. 
Perhaps it is the reconstitution recipe, perhaps

Despite following the usual routine which resulted in
a GH of 8 and a KH of 5, on 
Tuesday, July 31 - water tested at 10 dGH and 6 dKH

August 4 - 5 gallons removed, replaced with distilled

August 5 - 8 dGH, 5 d GH

August 9 - 9 dGH, 6 dKH   

How could this happen?!  There is no calcerous gravel,
no oyster shell or anything.  No tap water, as it is
totally unsuitable. 

The only things that are different that could throw
everything out of wack are the following.  An outbreak
of ich was treated with quick cure, followed with a
small water change.  An increase of Flourish Excel to
try to abate the mysterious decline of yeast bottle

I am testing with an Aquarium Pharmaceuticals GH/KH
test kit.  Up until now, I have considered it
adequate.  The first drop in the titration process is
supposed to turn the water yellow, and it usually
does.  The first drop today produced no color change. 
Why?  What could this mean?  

About the yeast.  I recommend that anyone with power
compacts or other very bright lighting NOT EVEN TRY
yeast co2.  The amount of co2 required is just too
high.  Not only that, but the inherent instability of
the yeast co2 production causes problems.  I'll be
setting up a high pressure system soon, and hopefully,
my unstable ph will be a thing of the past.

I have been running two yeast co2 bottles into two
Duetto internal filters.  Two cups of sugar, one
teaspoon of yeast, changed every 7 to 10 days on both
bottles.  Ph was usually about 6.8.  Recently, the co2
production from both bottles has declined drastically
and the ph risen after 3 or 4 days!  This is the quick
rise yeast.  The regular kind did not produce enough
co2.  Alternating renewal of the the bottles has not

I hope this has made at least some sense, because I
really need the help.  I'm tired and frustrated, and
I've tried my best to explain.  Why does my water keep
getting harder?  

Thanks, Cavan    


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