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Questions about webspace

Hello everyone,

I'm not even too sure if i should post this question here... well here it

I've been quite busy with exams and i'm not up to date with the current
topics on the list (which i'll have a few weeks to start reading before my
next school term)

I created my personal aquarium website @
http://www.sfu.ca/~rww/Aquariumstart.htm I haven't updated it for a while
(but soon along with more pix)

My current webserver is my school's account which gives me 50 megs of space
unfortuantly it's always down (for maintance or upgrades of some sort)

Can someone recommend a webserver around 50 ~ 100 megs of space where i
could store my page and aquarium photos that's reliable? and is there such
thing as a free webspace besides the usual geocities,zoom etc where i can
simply use ftp to upload my webpage? and that's quite realiable??(or could I
use my own computer as a web server??)

From my planted (semi-aquascaped ) tank with apisto's I've started to raise
discus, man all i can say is i love these fish sooo much, eventhough i've
only got a 66 gallon with a few discus but they sure do stand out amoung the

hmm, hope i didn't bother anybody too much with this e-mail,
please e-mail me privately if asking about webspace is not approperiate here


Raymond Wong