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Re: How the moss got its name

James Purchase wrote:
"I'm gonna climb on my soapbox once again over the issue of hobbyists
making up new names for plants and fish that already have perfectly
valid scientific names and widely accepted common names.

In short, its darned confusing!"

I agree about plant names being confusing.  And I agree that they
shouldn't be.  Algae references are even more confusing.  But multiple
names for plants need not be confusing.

I prefer that, to be precise, the latin (or scientific) names are used.
 This narrows confusion down to the present state of the art of
scientific taxonomy.  If common, regional, personal, etc. names are
used, a parenthetical note mentioning the latin name is a great help. 
If you do that, then you call call a plant whatever is fun without
confusing anyone.  If you don't do that, I think you beg confusion.

Of course, the fact that taxonomy is never a final (finalized) matter,
complicates things a bit, but whatyagonndo?  :-)

Scott H

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