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Plant Trader's Board

In an effort to improve upon the services offered by the plant trader's
board, I have put together this short survey for users and potential
users to fill out.  We are trying to provide the best possible place for
plant lover's to exchange plants with other hobbyist and all for free.

If you could, please take a few minutes of your time to fill out the
following survey and return it to me here: nwwise01 at netzero_net

If you have not visited the plant trader's board, please do so at:

01.  Have you ever posted to the board?

02.  What made you decide to post/not post to the board?

03.  What do you think is the strongest points of the board?

04.  What areas could use improving?

05.  If you could add something, what would it be?

06.  Would the addition of a "Plants for Sale" category interest you?

07.  Had you ever heard of the boards prior to this message?

Thank you for your time and participation.
Nick Wise
nwwise01 at netzero_net
Visit the Plant Trader Board at:
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