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water chemistry

I wrote;

>>Which is more reliable?  Which is "correct"?  What accounts or could
for the difference? (Note that I do not add any salts to the water, nor any
pH adjusters. If there is excess "non-carbonate" alkalinity, what would it

James Purchase writes:

>Have you asked your Water Utility for a copy of the most recent analysis of
your water supply? More and more municipalities are placing this information
online, making it easier for consumers to see it. Alkalinity should be one
of the recorded parameters<


In regards to municipal water, the alkalinity of my water from the tap is KH
3 or so, while the tank is 5.5. I am not sure what accounts for the
difference, but assumed (?wrongly) that something in the tank (a rock or
fixture) was releasing carbonate. What else in the tank could be releasing
non-carbonate alkalinity,(because non carbonate alkalinity would explain the
difference)? (N.B. I have seen it written many times that most if not all KH
in untreated tanks is due to carbonate, which makes the tables and charts

Robert A Sirota