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It's growing--algae, among other things.

I finally got the old leaking forty gal plant tank moved upstairs into a
75 gal in an east window. The set up is working well, the "feather
dusters" that Andrew gave me, as well as those I got from Guy's have
been doing well; the C. "balansae" from Andrew and the C. balansae from
Albany Aq. likewise (I do think they are different plants), and for the
first time, cabamba is hanging in there. I get pearling every day, so I
guess I am doing something right.

However, I seem to be losing my sword, which was starting to show a
black "rot" on the stems even before teh move. When I dug it up for the
move, some of the root was rotted and stinky. I removed this part and
replanted the sword, but the jury is still out on the plant.

And I have algae. Nice blue-greenish hair algae on the stems and leaves
of Java fern, the feather dusters (what are those called? the same thing
that is in the big show tank in Albany Aq.), the rotala, bacopa and the
big crypts. I don't think this is the dread blue-green cyno stuff, is
it? Isn't that more of a sheet algae? Besides, the cories eat it, the
platties love it, the otos give up.

I became impatient and bleached many of the affected plants. Don't think
I killed any so far, but some of hte softer ones died back a bit. Funny
thing is, the otos like the bleach (softened) algae just fine. I also
eliminated the stump rot for a while. Anything else I can do about the
algae? I have heard that darkening the tank will kill some algaes, but
don' they just come back wiht the light returns?