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Melting Sword

My Amazon Sword and Chain Sword are melting!

I just set up a new 75 gallon aquarium on Sunday using Flourite/Profile for
substrate in a 3/1 ratio 4 to 5 inches deep.  Ph is 7, dKH is 5, dGH is 7,
Nitrite and Ammonia are 0.  DIY CO2 level is 15 according to the chart.  The
plants were moved from an established 20 gallon that used the same source of
city water but pH was 6.8 and DIY CO2 was about 23.  KH in both tanks was
adjusted from 2 to 5 with baking soda.  I had been using Kent Pro-Plant and
Freshwater Plant supplement w/iron at a dose of 1 teaspoon each in the 20
gallon and no substrate (aquarium gravel) fertilization other than fish
waste .  The Kent was dosed about twice a week.  Lighting on the 20L was 2
watts per gallon flourescent.  Lighting on the 75 is 2.9 watts per gallon

The Amazon and Chain Swords did very well in the 20L.  The Amazon even
produced a daughter plant.  When I transplanted the Amazon Sword, I
separated the daughter plant and trimmed the roots of the "Mother" plant
down about 2/3's.  I also added 2 Jobes Spikes (13-4-5) broken in half to
the substrate around the Mother plant and 1 Jobes Spike broken in half
around the daughter plant.  Nothing has been added to the substrate around
the 31 Chain Sword plants.  Kent Pro and FW Supplement was added to the
water at a dose of 3 teaspoons each.  Water temp is 82F which is ambient -
the heater is set for 75 and doesn't come on (same as in the 20L).

I searched the archives on the subject heading and found a post that
mentioned discovering a Magnesium deficiency after adding Jobes Spikes.
Suggesting the increased nutrients from the Jobes Spikes created a need for
more Magnesium.  The Jobes Spikes contain no Magnesium  according to the
package.  The Kent products contain .05% (Pro-Plant) Magnesium (Mg) and .01%
( Iron Supplement) Manganese (Mn).  What would be a recommended Mg level?
What can I use to add Mg?  Could this really be my problem?  Would too much
Mg hurt anything?