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How to grow an algae forest?

Seems like a crazy topic, but I picked up a dozen Amano shrimp 
in Atlanta last week and am going to raise them in a ten gallon 
tank at work. A couple of the shrimp look to be holding eggs, so I 
wanted to get them by themselves for protection. The tank is 
cycled and ready to go, except for a good coating of algae. I can 
feed them with algae wafers or flakes, but I would like to grow a 
nice hair algae forest for them to graze on. It's a 10 gallon with a 
20W tube for lighting. 

What would be the best way to grow my forest. I can add NO3, 
PO4, Fe + micros, and any macros needed, plus the light can stay 
on all the time if need be. What sorta suggestions do any of you 


Jamie    <"\\\><  Aquatic plants, water chemistry, and cichlids