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Filters for really clear, crisp water

I apologize if this is too frequent a question.  I have read the KRIB and
several other sources, but would appreciate your advice, or links that will
be directly pertinent.

If I want really crisp, clean, clear water, what filter do you recommend?  I
have a "Whisper 30" on my 20g,  CO2, 2-3 w/g, planted tank w fairly high
fish load.  This filter does not seem to cut it in terms of mechanical
filtration.    I do have a System 2 for periodic diatom polishing.  The
issue is more of removing debris particles on a constant basis.  I would
think the options are:

1)  Add a second hanging filter with just floss, sponge, etc such as a
Whisper or AquaClear
2)  Add, or only use, a lower power canister like a Magnum HOT, etc
3)  Add, or use only, a higher-end canister like a Eheim, or Fluval.

My nutrients, bacteria, etc seem basically fine. I have no significant green
water, algae, etc.  I am doing 50% water change per week.

Again, I am looking the water clarity one gets after a water change to last
a lot longer.  By mid week, mine is looking dirty again.  I do not think I
am overfeeding.

Thanks once again for your help!