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In aid of the defense fund

Chuck Gadd wrote:

>I'm sending any money that I receive in exchange for my spare plant clippings.
>I sent one payment, and I tend to ship two or three boxes of plants out a
>week, so hopefully it will add up.

Hi, folks,

I live somewhere on the other side of Planet Earth and really, this is none
of my
business.  But I like to contribute.

Over the last few years, I have sent plants for free to many of the
hobbyists on this list.
Since I have done it so many times for free, I might as well do it again
for a worthy
cause.  Here's my offer:  I will send a pack of Christmas Moss (about the
size of an
adult's palm) to anyone on this list who makes a contribution to the
defense fund.  I
won't insist on a minimum amount and I won't ask for proof of contribution
too.  All I
need is an email stating that you have made a contribution to the defense
fund and
your mailing address.  I will pay for postage.

It usually takes about a week at least for a package mailed from here to
reach someone
living in the US of A.  But don't worry about the condition of the plant.
The Christmas
Moss is a good traveller and one hobbyist who received it one month after I
sent it
said it was still looking green and healthy when it arrived.

Even in sunny Singapore, where aquatic plants are generally very cheap, the
Moss still commands a premium.  I hope this will make you think about
making a more
sizable contribution.  If you like to know how the moss looks like, email
me in private
and I will send you a picture.  Believe me, it's beautiful.

If the Christmas Moss does not interest you, how about Narrow Leaf Java
Ferns?  They
look like normal Java Fern except that their leaves are shaped more like
lances instead of
swords.  I have a picture in my computer too if you want to know how it
looks like.

I hope this will help in some way towards the fund.  I hope too that at
least one of the
hobbyists here who have received the moss from me in the past would testify
that this
email is not a hoax.

Regards to all,

Loh K L