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LFS in Washington DC area


It is slightly more than a "hop" from Arlington to Randallstown where the
Aquarium Center is located.  Figure about 65 miles if you take the beltway.
Back roads will save time but get a good map!  

I moved from the area a couple of years ago but I don't think there is too
much to recommend plant-wise unless you are willing to drive.

If you are flying in through Baltimore-Washington Airport, the Glen Burnie
House of Tropicals is very close and is a good way to kill time.  They have
lots of tanks with a good selection of fish and some plants but the staff
(in 5 visits in the past year) are not very knowledgeable. 

If you find yourself North West of DC, try Tropical Fish World in the Walnut
Hills Center in Silver Spring, MD. Their number is 301 921-0000.  

Wally's Aquarium in Alexandria, Va carried plants in the past (I have not
visited there in a couple of years) but their selection was poor and
contained a lot of terrestrial plants.  Super Petz in Annandale, Va had a
lot of tanks but their quality was inconsistent.

There are other stores in the area but none (IMO)  that are worth driving
that far for if plants are your agenda.

Lyndle Schenck

	Hi everyone, I'd like to check out a few local fish stores when I go
to Arlington, VA in the 
	2nd week of August. Can someone recommend a shop or two in
Arlington-D.C. area besides 
	Aquarium Center? I will 	be mainly looking for plants and
apistogrammas. I hope to hop 
	over to Aquarium Center in Baltimore, if time allows. Thanks in
advance, Tomoko tomokoschum at earthlink_net