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The new plants arrived....

And what a disappointment! Thanks to all of you who have sent emails
asking about them. Here's the scoop.

The shipment from aquariumplants.com arrived yesterday, as expected. Man,
do they need to work on their packing skills. Like I said, this was my
first mail-order experience, so I don't know if the way they packed is an
industry standard. Certainly hope not.

The 24 plants (for a whopping low price of $24.95) were mostly stem
plants. They were piled on top of each other, wrapped in wet newspaper,
and rolled up. Many of the stems snapped in several places. Many leaves
rotted. The smell of the rotting plants was really disgusting.

I washed and separated the plants upon opening them. I probably came away
with 16 or 18 plants. Others were just too severly damaged, or had already
rotted away into nothing. The ones that remained somewhat in tact don't
look at all healthy. I would not buy them if I saw them in a store. 

They sent a few bulbs also (3, maybe). They held up better, although the
crown of one of them was starting to get a bit soft.

A couple of you pointed out that summer isn't a good time for shipping
plants. While I can see where this would be true, I don't think the poor
quality can be explained solely by the weather. I really think that they
could have done a better job.

In any case, thanks to all of you who were interested. Guess this is one
of those beginner's cautionary tales. Please keep your fingers crossed for
the ones that are still alive. Tonight I build the DIY CO2 unit, otherwise
known as the Leaven-stein monster.