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Re: Carbo Plus

A couple of comments just to add a couple of cents to the pot.

Electrical devices must be rated for the maximum current draw under
normal conditions.  For motors, for example, this when the motor is
barely turning.  For solid state circuits, the current is usually
constant unless, like an amplifier, a driving input is varied, or like
a lamp, the load is varied (changing the size of bulb).  If there are
capacitors on the power supply, the initial draw of these as they take
on a charge can present a higher current draw than the device has once
it the power supply capacitors are charged.

No circuit is 100% efficient, all produce heat (maybe an electrical
heater is close to 100% efficient), and James's estimate of 22% was a
very good guess, IMHO.


Re the carbon block--is it pure carbon or might it contain some other
chemicals (calcium?) that are part of the process?

On the Carbo Plus that I have seen in action, the block sort of
shrivels and shrinks in size as it becomes "used up" but it doesn't
have the very irregular and rough appearance of "corroding" away.

When the block shrinks up to about one fourth its original volume, it
loses contact with most of the stainless steel plate and the bubbling
drops to nearly nil.

Scott H.

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