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GH & Plants


I've already tried sending this message yesterday, but it didn't go through.
All I can figure is it was not in plain text...

It is a bit strange to me that many people will refer to a certain plant as
a "hard water plant" or "soft water plant",  but I've never read anywhere
what problems a person may have growing a "soft water" plant in hard water.
Did that make any sense?
I've had my fair share of problems with plants and have been for some time
trying to figure out just which nutrient I'm having problems with, with no
I would like to try and rule out this GH thing.  My tap water has a GH of 14
degrees.  I replaced most of my plain gravel with an aquatic plant gravel a
couple months back and now my GH is 17 degrees in the aquarium (Hoping it
will not go higher).

Anyone know what type of symptoms a plant may have when suffering from hard

Is it true that the Calcium and Magnesium in GH is in the form  plants can
A bit confused on this also, because I have never noticed a decrease in GH
that could be associated with plant intake.

Thanks a million!

Chris Bostick