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Amano shrimp breeding

In a tub measuring 1m x 1m x .75m heavily planted with
water poppy, tiger lotus, sagiteria, milfoil, cabomba,
sunset hygrophilia and temple hygrophilia and
populated with B splendens, Oryzias latipes and Amano
shrimp, I found a dozen small 1cm amano shrimp in with
the adults. Temperatures for this tub are 26-28C, pH
is 7.8 and I have not measured hardness. Plant growth
has been phenomenal and I have collected and sold 150
sagiteria, large bunches of 50 of the hygrophilia and
been forced to throw away the milfoil and cabomba (a
glut on the market right now).

The shrimp are a bonus, I was breeding the bettas.
But, this is to let people know that these shrimp, if
treated well will last and propogate.

Tokyo Japan 

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