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Re: Microsorum pteropus (price/growth)

Hi all
I just wanted to thank everyone for their input on this topic and add a
few comments I thought would be of interest:
I don't remember what I paid for Java Fern or how big it was but there
is a mail-order company within Australia (......) which has Microsorium
pteropus- jumbo sized Extra Tall, 10 - 15 Leaves Per Plant at $25.00
and  small java fern for
$6.95. I think the price is justified and I have a feeling it might be
less pricey than at a retail lfs.
    I recently set up a little (5-10 gallon) acrylic tank with a soil
vermiculite substrate, with about 5cm water above the substrate, sitting
in a sunny window (indirect) and planted anubias and placed many old
java fern leaves with little plantlets and a bit of java fern on some
driftwood (standing up out of the water), a beer brewing heater cord
around the bottom of the tank and an airstone in a cup filled with water
to provide extra humidity. In a few days mostly all of the java fern had
gone black including that tied on to the driftwood; so I chucked it all
but left the driftwood in and now the java fern on it is growing back
but so far quite slowly.