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Re: Lava Rock

<....I dont know if it is dyed red or natural. Looks
more like a natural sponge than anything else to
me...except its dark red.>

When I lived in Oregon, many years ago, I lived near
the Cascade mountains and we had many lava deposits in
our area.  Most of it seemed to come in three colors: 
totally black, darker reddish, and a lighter red and
they were all natural.  Sometimes there were mixes of
colors and some of the black ones had yellow in them. 
I don't recall ever seeing it a very light red or
super bright, like say, the color of some bark chips. 
I had it in a salt water tank and never had any
problems, although I never thought to attribute any of
the problems I did have to rocks at all.  It was nice
stuff because it not only looked good but it was very
lightweight and you could pick from an endless supply
of shapes and sizes for free.  I was wondering about
putting some in my tank just as this thread came up. 
Thanks for the good rock report!

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