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Planting plants


Good old Mike Boyle at SFAS gave me some silicone, and I just got my
leaky tank sealed (getting ready to do the leak test now!).

I just have one question. I've always had problems physically planting
aquatic plants (partly why my plants never liked me!). Obviously, I can't
just jam them into the gravel, so I tried first digging a hole, then
putting the plant in it, then moving the gravel over it. The problem was,
if I ever tried to plant densely, I generally buried some neighboring
plants while digging the hole, then uprooted other while moving gravel to
fill it in. I tried a method I read about somewhere of coiling the roots
around your finger, jamming your finger into the gravel, pulling out your
finger, and filling in the little tunnel. Didn't work that way. :-( If
the coils were too loose, they bunched up and sat on the surface of the
gravel. If I wound them tighter, they went in all right, but came back
out with my finger!

How do you plant plants? I've heard someone mentioning only putting in
half your gravel, adding the plants, then putting the remainder over
their roots, but what about later additions? I've seen lots of pics of
densely planted tanks, but I just don't see how I could get in to work!

I want to set the tank up right this time around! :-)



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