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Re: Algae challenge - and beyond

Caleb Clapp wrote:

> > 2.  To convert to generally used nutrient-level terminology,  is my P04
> test
> > result of 6ppm the "P" level?
> I think the vernacular on the list usually refers to phosphorus levels
> as PO4.  Laboratories and at least some kits report the results os
> phosphorus.  To convert from phosphorus to phosphate, multiply the
> concentration by 3.  To convert from phosphate to phosphorus, divide the
> concentration by 3.
> ...therefore, since my kit tests P04, my readings of 6ppm, actually means
> phosphate at 18ppm....so much for my having a phosphate-limited tank for the
> time being.

If your kit gives you a reading in ppm of PO4 then you don't need to
convert anything to compare to the numbers that are usually bandied
about an this list.  Lab tests and published data often reports the
phosphate concentrations ppm of P.  To compare your number the their
number you would either divide your number of 3, or multiply their
number by 3.

From the sounds of things you have 6 mg/l of PO4, or 2 mg/l of P. 
Either way, that's high.

Roger Miller