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Thank You List

I've been reading this list for a few weeks now and wish to express my
thanks for the knowledge I've gained.  It helped me tonight when I went to
Wal-Mart looking for Profile.  I'm setting up a 75 gal tank soon and plan on
using Flourite/Profile as the substrate in a 3/1 mix.  I learned on the list
that Profile was available at Wal-mart and that it came in different product
packages.  They had three different packages that contained Profile - two
sizes of Schultz Multi-Purpose Soil Conditioner (5 and 25 lb.) and a 10 lb.
bag of Schultz Water Garden Soil.  Prices were $2.97 for 5 lbs. of Soil
Conditioner, $6.97 for 10 lbs. of Water Garden Soil, and $7.44 for 25 lbs.
of Soil Conditioner.  I bought 50 lbs. of Soil Conditioner ( 2 bags ) and
saved $19.97 by not buying the Water Garden Soil.  If it hadn't been for the
information available on the list, I'd be $20.00 poorer!