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Re: Life taste good....Coca Cola:)

>......And so I merrily poured a few teaspoon of Coke in...ohhh.. how I love the
>brownish tint it gave.
>Fishes swimming joyously here and there.
>Day 2...what the heck...poured 1 cup full of coke in....ahhh nice
>color...fish enjoying caffeine...
>Day 3.. hey i can't see my fish and my plants...visibility= 0.1!!! oh
>man..what happened ???  Glass tank and plants covered in slime..yucks! no
>choice....did an almost complete water change...phew! that was close...no
>fatality recorded.

>Now I guess it might have been the sugar with bacteria that turn my tank
>into a winter wonderland.

It definitely was the sugar.  There is seltzer water, which I think is just
carbonated water, but that is an expensive way to add CO2.  Next time,
don't jump from a teaspoon to a cup.  Step it up more slowly, and you can
catch any bad effects before they become catastrophies.

Experimenting is good!

Paul Krombholz, in steamy central Mississippi, where July is starting to
get a bit dry with only isolated showers forcast for the next week.
Isolated means, forget it.