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Another Shrimp Delevery for AZ Aquatic Gardens

I placed second order for shrimp from Arizona Aquatic Gardens.

They were packaged yesterday and shipped late afternoon or early
evening yesterday.  Fedex delivered them a few minutes before 9:00 a.m.

This time the box has insulating material inside on all sides, not just
top and bottom.  Also, a small piece of sponge was included in the bag,
for the shrimp to hold to besides a roughly 12" sprig of elodea.  I
couldn't take the day off work to the handle the shipment when it
arrived so a friend kindly took care of this.  The shipping bag
contents were emptied into a clean pail that contained about the same
amount of water and an airstone.  Roughly nine hours later I moved them
from the pail to one of my aquaria.  All twelve were alive and active.

Note:  Fedex reimbursed me for the SAEs that were lost on my last order
when the plane was delayed.  Fedex cover the loss of goods but the
position on the on-time guarantee (quoth the Fedex, "due to an act of
God your on-time guarantee is void").  On that last shipment, the
shipping box was apparently much too hot for too long.

Based solely on the handful cases mentioned on this Board in the last
couple of weeks, it would appear that the shrimp travel better than the
SAEs at least in hot weather.  But that's not a necessarily a
representative sample.

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