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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1147

Roger writes....

<< My 55-gallon tank has 3 SAEs (2 would be
 plenty), 4 rosey barbs and some snails >>

i was wondering how you kept only "some snails"? i have gone from one to 
hundreds in my 92 gallon and simply can't bring myself to kill them. i was 
considering getting a few snail eating loaches, but from what i hear they 
will eat ALL the snails and i kinda would like to keep "some snails" like 
Roger (i must also say that not only do the snails i have not eat my plants - 
i think they are pond snails - but the are the best algae eaters for certain 
kinds of algae, especially the dark green coverings on my anubias leaves. 
they just move in and wipe the leaf clean - amazing!)

how do you do it Roger?

-john guild