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Re: Re: The price of Microsorum Pteropus

Hi James
Actually I wasn't the person who said:
"Java Ferns seem so ridiculously overpriced and my question is why? I
have seem them selling for up to $30 per plant! They are hardy and do
not take long to grow.= They should sell for around $6 per plant."

The following link is to a forum (Boronia Aquarium Fish Forum) where the
question (or complaint) was asked/made by someone ELSE:

I was just saying in MY experience java fern had grown quite easily and
cheaply. In fact I have NO idea of the costs associated with producing
high quality aquatic plants commercially and have never personally
complained about the cost of java fern via retail sources (although I
did get really :%*!@* mad  when I discovered that a lot of plants I
repeatedly bought which were sold as aquatic, and couldn't keep alive,
weren't and that some were actually common houseplants). I was hoping
helpful and well informed people on this list would share their opinion
or knowledge on the subject and perhaps initiate a discussion on
commercial plant growers. That's what I thought was supposed to happen
on this list, an exchange of information to enlighten or educate others
on all aspects of growing aquatic plants- including the commercial
aspect of the hobby. All I wanted was just to discuss what it does take
to grow java fern commercially; why it is so different from growing java
fern at home, whether it is grown emerse or submerse, are artificial
lights used and so on.

Damian :-\