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Re: Re: The price of Microsorum Pteropus

I think you need to shop around more! Whoever is paying $30 for a java fern.
They are available all over the internet for 2 to $3, and I have never seen
them in any store for more than $5. The only java fern that could possibly
go for $30 is a "Mother" plant. Not often sold commercially. This would be a
very large plant and rhizome. I got one once a few years ago that had a 12"
rhizome and the girth of the plant was over 10", extremely thick growth. I
think I paid 20 something dollars for it.

Slow growing plants are often the most expensive. Anubias for example. But
compare this to plants for your outdoor garden. You can find plants ranging
from $2 to $100, or more. It depends on many things. How difficult the plant
is to cultivate, if its imported, how rare it is...how much of a demand
there is for it, what the market will bear. Anyone here belong to a Rose
society? Care to guess how much prize roses go for?  We have it fairly easy.
Even the "rare" Cryptocorynes sought after by collectors are under $10.

All the internet sellers of aquatic plants are within fifty to 75 cents of
each other for most plants, and they are usually a dollar to two dollars per
plant cheaper than the retail stores. Relatively speaking.

Robert Paul H
Plants, wood, rocks