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Can KMnO4 & iron rust act as PMDD?

There's a lot of talk about PMDD and I only came to realise that PMDD stands
for "poor man's dosing drops" today. I've thought about mixing my own
fertilizer but my chemistry knowledge is so very limited and so is my
knowledge about plant requirements. Anyhow, I've just added a few crytals of
pure KMnO4 in my 19 gallon tank 2 days ago hoping that they become potasium
and manganese as trace elements for my plants? I don't know if there's any
effect but no fatalities until now though water becomes purplish but has
since cleared up. How about iron rust providing iron for the plants since
iron is one of the essential requirements for good plant growth. Can someone
please enlighten me and pardon ignorance.

Chee Ming (S'pore)