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Re: SAE's and Shrimp

There have been several comments about AZ Gardens and customer service.
Just wanted to add my experience with them although I didn't get livestock.
I ordered plants and forceps from them a couple of weeks ago.  They were
very nice and helpful.  They also  recommended I use the Express Option for
weekend delivery.  The USPS, however, didn't deliver it until late Monday
afternoon.  Several plants were rather dead or pretty bad.  Surprisingly,
most everything else was in fairly good shape.  I called them and they were
great.  I did order another $150 worth and they arrived when they were
promised.  The Express delivery DOES make a big difference.   Considering
this is probably the worst time of year to order (temperatures both there
and here in Hotlanta) I was pleased.  They were very helpful and took good
care of me.

I will order from them again.